PhotoCoach Workshops

My approach to PhotoCoach workshops is grounded in the fact that just as Ansel Adams, Joe Cornish, Jack Dykinga, Michael Fatali, David Muench, Andrew Nadolski, Charlie Waite, David Ward, Brett Weston, - and any other of you landscape photographer heroes is unique, so are you.

It’s also true that everyone learns and develops their photography in different ways. For example, do you prefer to be a ‘hands-on just do it and if it doesn’t work, read the instruction manual’ person or are you more a ‘sit back, observe and then try it?’. Both are fine and each type needs a different approach.

So, my workshops are focused on you; how you see things; what you want to achieve; how you prefer to learn.


Starting out with Large Format Photography

Starting out with Large Format Photography

This one-day workshop is designed for people who want to find out about and have a go at Large Format photography.
It is limited to 2-people per workshop.
Your interest may be a search for the exceptional image quality that can be achieved only with a large format camera; or that you simply want to explore a new way of seeing the world; or that you just want to try something new. 5 x 4 photography is measurably different. If you want to see an example of 5 x 4 vs. full-frame digital, have a look at these 2 images.  Both are the same subject on the same day. [link to images]

The aims of this Large Format workshop are:
For you to understand how a 5x4 large format camera works for you
For you to be able to use the camera to help you to select, frame and compose your pictures
For you to be able to take light readings and transfer these to the camera
For you to make some beautiful pictures


If you cancel your booking not less than 30 days before the workshop, you will receive a 50% refund. For cancellations less than 30 days before the workshop there will be no refund.

Where is it held?

The Chilterns, close to the M40 motorway & main-line railway stations. (In Midsomer Murders & Vicar of Dibley countryside)

How much does it cost?

£400.00 per person. This includes film & processing to the retail value of £40.00

What's included?

A memorable full day of coaching: Use of three types of 5x4 cameras: Sheet film and roll film and processing

What's not included?

Personal accident insurance: Any travel or accommodation costs: Food: Film over the amount stated above, If needed, you will be able to buy extra film at the cost price.

What if it rains?

We might get wet, but we’ll make some great pictures