Overview Amazing just what is right on your doorstep

I’ve just been looking at a new community website and found someone who’s asking for “good locations for photography’.  And there are lots of generous suggestions - most of the locations being the usual suspects.  Which is a shame; the locations offered are great views if you’re out for a walk or having a picnic.  And on the right day, at the right time of year and at the right time of day, they could look good as a photograph. Trouble is, someone else’s idea of a picture won’t be yours - that I’ll guarantee. The suggestions that I make in my monthly column ‘Picture This’ are always based on looking and seeing.  The closer you look, the more you see; and the more you see the more you will find your own unique pictures.


Sabastiao Salgado Genesis Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London

21st August 2013

Driven by a passion to show the wild places of the world so that they might gain some protection from human exploitation, Sebastiao Salgado spent 7 years creating this powerful exhibition which has its world premiere at the Natural History Museum, London. All the images are in Black-and-White; some made with film cameras and some with digital cameras.  All the photographs all have tremendous presence and impact and together with the unfamiliar perspectives, they draw you in and challenge you as the viewer. Over the years,Salgado has created some amazing documentary photography; Genesis builds on that and shouldn’t be missed.