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I’ve just been looking at a new community website and found someone who’s asking for “good locations for photography’.  And there are lots of generous suggestions - most of the locations being the usual suspects.  Which is a shame; the locations offered are great views if you’re out for a walk or having a picnic.  And on the right day, at the right time of year and at the right time of day, they could look good as a photograph. Trouble is, someone else’s idea of a picture won’t be yours - that I’ll guarantee. The suggestions that I make in my monthly column ‘Picture This’ are always based on looking and seeing.  The closer you look, the more you see; and the more you see the more you will find your own unique pictures.


PhotoCoachâ„¢ Workshops

One-to-one Coaching Day

One-to-one Coaching Day

This is a personalised coaching day, working together in the field. The day will revolve around your specific needs, and be paced to meet your needs.  To set a date, please contact me via the contact page. The location can be in the Chilterns, or at any location of your choice.  If I travel to your locations then I add the cost of my travel.

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Contact Page Link is fixed

28th May 2010

A big thank you to Brian Coult for fixing the broken contact Link on the ‘Contacts’ page

Working with Joe Cornish Gallery

21st April 2010

Since late January I’ve been working with the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. And Getting in some photography as well.

All I want for Christmas

14th December 2009

I’m delighted with the sales of pictures that have been bought for Christmas presents this year.  The wonderful thing about pictures is that they keep giving pleasure year after year

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