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I’ve just been looking at a new community website and found someone who’s asking for “good locations for photography’.  And there are lots of generous suggestions - most of the locations being the usual suspects.  Which is a shame; the locations offered are great views if you’re out for a walk or having a picnic.  And on the right day, at the right time of year and at the right time of day, they could look good as a photograph. Trouble is, someone else’s idea of a picture won’t be yours - that I’ll guarantee. The suggestions that I make in my monthly column ‘Picture This’ are always based on looking and seeing.  The closer you look, the more you see; and the more you see the more you will find your own unique pictures.


PhotoCoachâ„¢ Workshops

Starting out with Large Format Photography

Starting out with Large Format Photography

This one-day workshop is designed for people who want to find out about and have a go at Large Format photography. Your interest may be a search for the exceptional image quality that can be achieved only with a large format camera; or that you simply want to explore a new way of seeing the world; or that you just want to try something new.

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April 2008

1st April 2008

I was lucky enough to make time to go to 2 exhibitions; the Vanity Fair exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery is quite amazing. In addition to my addiction to Bluebells, I love b&w fashion / portrait photography; this exhibition has it all…

March 2008

1st March 2008

Do you have those times when your best laid plans - or are they intentions - get splattered by life? Nothing too serious but you find yourself asking ‘where did all the time go?’ Well, it happened to me in December and January; the splattering effect…

November 2007

1st November 2007

Well, ‘Developing Vision & Style’ has now arrived in the bookshops and looks certain to be even more popular and valuable to photographers than ‘Working the Light’. I think that both books are essential reading for anyone who photographs the landscape…

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