About Richard Holroyd

In my heart and soul, I have always been a photographer.

Lucky enough to be brought up in Ecclesfield, a Domesday village north of Sheffield, I developed a love of the countryside and the rolling mills – yes mills– around Sheffield. And my love of the countryside, in its many guises, is ingrained and remains my inspiration.

I was given the ubiquitous Box camera when I was 9 and I bought my first camera from the recently departed Woolworths; it cost me two-shillings and sixpence - that’s about 12.5 pence in real money – and it was a plastic thing which used 127 roll-film, opened with a coin-twist and had a ‘bloomed Bolco lens’ which had fabulous barrel distortion. I processed my own film and enlarged the results using a home-made enlarger constructed by my brother Jim. He still has it.


I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to study photography along with architecture and interior design. I wove my passion for photography with my early work as an architect. I was fascinated by the sculptural forms of galvanised ductwork! I still love buildings and the inspired designs of Norman Foster, Pier Luigi Nervi and Oscar Niemeyer and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Richard Holroyd Portrait

A major shift in my photography came with a move from 35mm cameras to medium format and then to large format. The 5” x 4” cameras that I use today fit so easily with the way I see the world. They help me to create my pictures in a way that only a large format camara can. If you really want to see more about the equipment I use, follow [this link.] My pictures are sold as prints and it gives me great pleasure to know that they hang on the walls of homes and holiday villas. My pictures are also used for calendars, greetings cards, magazine covers, web-sites and company brochures.

My other passion is people. Ultilising my experience as a coach, my photography workshops are designed to meet the needs of people of all abilities or experience. The courses are designed to help people to recognise what might be blocking them being the photographer they want to be and helping them to remove that block. As you would expect, the hands-on bits of photography are included whether it’s digital, film or large format.

Today, I live within the Chiltern’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with my wife Caroline and with a completely deranged dog - Lily the Boxer. Both are truly inspirational in very different ways.